General Anti-cancer Activities

1.The Role of Probiotics in Cancer Treatment: Emphasis on their In Vivo and In Vitro Anti-metastatic Effects

2.Probiotic Survey in Cancer Patients Treated in the Outpatient Department in a Comprehensive Cancer Center

3.Critical Review on Probiotics and its Effect on Cancer

4.The Potential Role of Probiotics in Cancer Prevention and Treatment

5.The efficacy and safety of probiotics in people with cancer: a systematic review

Bladder Cancer

1.Probiotics, dendritic cells and bladder cancer

Breast Cancer

1.Anticarcinogenecity of microbiota and probiotics in breast cancer

2.Modification in the diet can induce beneficial effects against breast cancer


Colorectal Cancer

1.Probiotics as a preventive strategy for surgical infection in colorectal cancer patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trials

2.Intestinal microbiota is altered in patients with colon cancer and modified by probiotic intervention

3.Probiotic-derived ferrichrome inhibits colon cancer progression via JNK-mediated apoptosis

4.Colon Cancer Prevention through Probiotics: An Overview

5.Probiotics and Intestinal Microbiota: Implications in Colon Cancer Prevention

6.Probiotics in colorectal cancer (CRC) with emphasis on mechanisms of action and current perspectives

Liver Cancer

1.Probiotics modulated gut microbiota suppresses hepatocellular carcinoma growth in mice

2.Gut Microbiota and Hepatocellular Carcinoma

3.Effect of Probiotics on Liver Function After Surgery Resection for Malignancy in the Liver Cirrhotic

Lung Cancer

1.Role of probiotics in the management of lung cancer and related diseases: An Update

Pancreatic Cancer

1.Microbiota, Oral Microbiome, and Pancreatic Cancer

2.Pancreatic Cancer, Inflammation and Microbiome

Stomach Cancer

1.Human Gut Microbiota and Gastrointestinal Cancer

2.Effect of probiotics on small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in patients with gastric and colorectal cancer

3.Lactobacillus casei Extract Induces Apoptosis in Gastric Cancer by Inhibiting NF-κB and mTOR-Mediated Signaling